Hiring new staff into your healthcare or medical practice is an important responsibility. Whether it is a GP, nurse or even administrative staff, a healthcare organisation only works efficiently when it has the right people in it, working well together.

The key to success or failure when hiring a new person, no matter what size of practice or organisation, is the quality of applicants you have to choose from. It doesn’t matter how many people apply for your job, if they are not right, they’re just not right.

A clearly written and succinct job ad or job post goes a very long way in attracting quality applicants and can make the difference between a happy and healthy work environment or one of considerable heartache!

The main purpose of the job post is to “sell” the job to the candidate.

Although you are the employer and you have an attractive offer out to potential candidates, putting the role in high demand, it is likely that you will only select a very small percentage of candidates to be on your shortlist.

Well, guess what? Those chosen few are probably on everyone else’s shortlist too, making them the “customers” that now need to be sold too.

So how do you attract the best candidates to your job over others? Well, there are three key items you need to make sure you cover off:

  • Job post – what is said about the job, how it’s written
  • Business profile – how is your business seen by potential applicants?
  • Promoting your job ad – how are you telling people about your job vacancy?

This article is in two parts – this one here is about the Job Post and Part 2 of How to attract better job applicants is about the Business Profile and Promoting Your Job Ad.


The Job Post

A standout description of the role on offer will go a long way in laying the groundwork for a top hire. Your job description should be all about why that person should want to come and work at your practice over any other. Imagine you are the candidate, you know nothing about your practice and you say “Why do I want to work here?”

Remember, the job post is the first time the applicant’s sets eyes on your organisation…and first impressions count!

Questions to ask yourself while writing a stellar job description:

  • What experience do you require for the role?
  • How long is it for – permanent or locum?
  • What is the team and organisation culture like?
  • What are the critical responsibilities of the position?
  • What might be the challenges of the position?
  • What is the salary range, perks, etc?

Read the article on ‘How to Write a Stellar Healthcare and Medical Job Ad’ for detailed tips.  


Before posting the job, do a quick check:

  • Does it include all the key points, e.g. centre name, location, hours expected, experience required, etc?
  • Have you included contact details and what the candidate needs to provide in their application?
  • Is the role description easy to read? Is it simple and clear?
  • Have you selected the matching criteria for the job that is most important? This is how medical professionals can search and find your job post. See Why Job Matching in the Healthcare Industry is Important.

See how easy it is to post a job on HealthcareLink today!

No job vacancy now? That’s OK – set up your business profile, so there’s no messing about later!

See Part Two of How to Attract Better Job Applicants here.