Yesterday? That’s right!

Well, of course you can’t quite hire a healthcare or medical professional before you need to… artificial intelligence in technology hasn’t quite got to the point that we can anticipate when you need your next GP, nurse or healthcare professional. But we’ve done the next best thing.

The most common process for hiring a new healthcare or medical professional into an organisation is:

  • Drafting a job description, set the candidate selection or matching criteria
  • Post the job ad
  • Wait for applicants to apply
  • Go through each resume – read pages and pages of applicants’ experience
  • Check registrations and licences (screening)
  • Call in for interviews, possibly even two rounds
  • Check references
  • And, finally, hire your new team member!

Hiring a new person into the organisation this way can be laborious, time-consuming and expensive…. And that’s before you’ve even properly interviewed one person!

Luckily, you’re on HealthcareLink where you know you can use the matching criteria search to sift through applicants for the best suited candidates. You can also use this search to reach all relevant professionals on the HealthcareLink network and invite them to apply for your job, increasing the applicant pool for your job vacancy.

Increasing the number of applicants you have to choose from is great but adds another dimension (I hate using the word ‘problem’)… and that is you have more resumes to go through, more registrations and licences to verify and more phone calls to make.

This is before you get to inviting the applicants to come see you for an interview.

The entire shortlisting process when recruiting a new team member can take about 20 – 30 minutes for each person. For 10 applicants, that’s 5 – 6 hours out of your already tightly-packed week.

To ease the pressure off you, HealthcareLink has developed a new “on-demand” support service.

With the on-demand service, our experienced support team will:

  • select the top candidates within the HealthcareLink network that match your job vacancy;
  • pre-screen the candidates over the phone;
  • check over their resumes, check qualifications,
  • verify AHPRA compliance, relevant registrations and licences, and even
  • check interest and availability.

The on-demand service means you don’t have to post a job ad or set matching criteria – this is taken care for you. All you have to do is create the job post and click on ‘Get On-Demand’ and the team will get in touch.

Now it’s up to you to decide which candidates you want to meet and ask them the all important question – when can you start?

Find out more about On-Demand Support Services and get started today.