We often arrive at our employment position because we were inspired by someone or by some event. “I was inspired to become a nurse by my mother, who was a nurse for over 50 years”, “I was twelve years old, my grandma was suffering from kidney disease. I would observe several doctors; working day and night before my grandmother was healthy again. From that day on I decided I wanted to become a doctor”.

The challenge to remain inspired lies in the hands of the employer or manager. Instilling motivation is key if you want your employees to stay satisfied with their jobs. It leads people to work harder for your organisation and is a key contributing factor to satisfaction. Everyone is unique, with their own thoughts and ideas and to be successful in motivating a group, you have to find a number of strategies.

Here are 5 top skills of inspiring healthcare leaders.

  1. Inspire others

People are going to look to you to set an example for the rest of the group. If you work hard and stay optimistic your employees will likely do the same. If you set the example of positivity and understanding, your employees will follow you and the work environment will become a more motivating one.

Share your knowledge and passions; this will strengthen the foundation of your team so you can grow together in unison.  Remind your team that all of their hard work really does makes a difference.

People are unique. Perfect your motivation strategy as you explore the unique relationship channels with each individual in your company. The reward will be your team’s dedication and loyalty back to you.

  1. Listen & Trust

Listen to your team. Show respect for their hard work and dedication. If your team knows they can come to you with a suggestion or concern you’ll have their respect and their trust. Make sure that you make it easy for them to access you. One-on-one chats can make a person feel truly appreciated.

A good leader will be transparent and show the team who they really are. Let your emotions shine — smile, laugh and have fun.

  1. Encourage personal growth

Successful leaders encourage personal growth. Be a mentor, be a guide. Offer opportunities for advancement and improvement, your employees will be motivated to work harder. They’ll be excited to work for you.

Empower your team by allowing them to make decisions, both right and wrong. This training prepares them to step up to the plate when they are needed. Push their limits is important. If you never push your team, they will become stagnant.

  1.  Involvement

When you are with your team make sure that you spend some time getting to know them. You will have a much more productive team if they know that you genuinely care about them and have their best interests in mind. Team building activities are powerful and create bonds that may not have existed before. You can prompt people to socialise with each other and encourage colleagues to let their hair down and talk casually to one another.

Ask a lot of questions. How will you ever know if your team is happy if you don’t ask them?

  1. Create a friendly work environment

Your work environment has a major effect on your team. Some companies have a ‘break room’ fully kitted with table tennis and a duke box. Other companies include pictures, quotes, and artwork on the walls to inspire creativity.  Some companies hire a yoga instructor to come in once a week. All of the above efforts show that you care, which is key.

Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.

Albert Einstein

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