The simple answer is yes! They say the success of any business or organisation can almost always be traced back to motivated employees. In healthcare this strongly applies; employees who are satisfied with their work deliver high-quality, patient care. When staff members are happy in their jobs, it has a positive effect on the quality of care being delivered.

Here are some simple ways to make sure you are inspiring the team around you:

Lead by Example:

Setting a great example is one of the leading ways you can motivate your employees. It encourages them to go the extra mile. Working in the healthcare industry can be very rewarding in itself and provide a lot of satisfaction but it also takes a lot of work and energy and employees need their ‘cup’ to be filled to be able to provide the emotional support the job needs. In order for your staff to give so much of themselves they need to re-fuel – and inspiration is the key to that. Show your own motivations and enthusiasm. Much of our message is delivered via non-verbal communication — our body language, our voices, the subtle cues that indicate the message. Smile and greet staff positively.  Express your own values and passions reflecting your true self.  

Acknowledge Employee Achievements:

Showing that you value your staff gives them a sense of recognition, value and worth. When something is good you should reward it. It can be such a boost. It’s as simple as a really meaningful ‘thank you’ while making eye contact.

It’s important to involve your staff in decisions – knowing their views, skills and knowledge are valued can really inspire your team and really motivate them.

Trust your staff to do a good job and they are much more likely to be enthused to take their responsibilities seriously. Consistency in words and actions creates trust and honesty.

Practice Effective Listening:

When you work in the healthcare industry you want to know that the patients feel they are important and that you are listening to them. Your staff will play a huge part of making this a reality. Spend time teaching your employees to practice effective listening, and learn to hear what the patient is really saying. The best way to impart this knowledge is to lead by example, spend some time listening to your team and giving consideration to their ideas, suggestions and complaints. They need to know you hear them and you care about what they have to say.

Brainstorm ideas together with your team and make them feel a part of the future change. Encouraging employee involvement triggers a feeling of importance in them and a sense of care.

Your patient is the benefactor when your staff make them feel welcome and cared for.

Be Present in the Moment

Paying attention to your employees without distraction inspires them to do the same for your patients. Avoid the situation where patients stand waiting for attention while the receptionist finishes what she’s doing by setting an example.

Focus your full attention on each individual as you interact with them. This will make them feel appreciated and inspire them to do the same for patients.

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