This article, originally published in the Western Magazine, highlights the urgent need to fill GP jobs vacancies (GPs – general practice doctors) in rural NSW.

There are 176 rural GP vacancies across the state and there is a shortage of doctors who are willing to travel to these areas. In the Central West, a petition has been launched for the federal government to fund a rural medical school. This is a solid idea and will be a good measure, but may takes years to be accepted and come to fruition. Meantime the need still exists.

As NSW CEO Richard Colbran says in the article, “Doctors are there. There is a big influx of doctors coming through the system now, but one of the things being asked is how many will go rural,” he said.

At HealthcareLink, in working with the NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) and individual medical centres themselves, we have found the same issue, and we have found success when we educate GP candidates about the benefits of rural employment, the vibrant communities and relaxed lifestyles, ideal for young families.

We have developed a series of articles that explain what living and working as a GP in rural and regional NSW is like, the support you have as a healthcare professional and what you can do in your downtime. Often housing is more affordable in these areas and families can find themselves part of an active and close-knit community.

If you want to find out more about working in the vibrant heartland of rural NSW, click here and let us know.

The original article can be read here.