Notable news media namely: SMH, Brisbane Times, The Age among others have published a study conducted by researchers at Murdock Children’s Research Institute which reveal the links between allergic reactions and packaged foods. The study has explained that pre-packaged foods trigger anaphylaxis reactions in allergic individuals. Thus indicating that people consuming such foods are unknowingly taking significant risks.

Experts have faulted the labeling on processed foods on the premise that food labels are lacking on information on the presence of allergens in the packaged foods, hence innocent consumers would not know the packaged food product that is safe to consume. On current times though, it is compulsory for manufacturers to declare common allergens viz: fish, sesame, peanuts, eggs etc if they are used as ingredients; not all manufacturers include allergens even when their products contain such.

Professor Katie Allen, a major participant in the research opined that some consumers have the belief that the manufactures only disclose the allergens on food labels for legal reasons and not really because it poses a risk to their health as consumers of the product. “Our study showed that anaphylaxis to undeclared allergens is not rare and it did not appear to depend on whether the product was labeled with precautionary advice.” She explained. She further added that, in the course of the study, it was discovered that whopping 14 cases of anaphylaxis are related to packaged foods, with 8 cases of no precautionary information disclosed on the product by the manufacturer.

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