, Australian tech startup, is the winner of the 2018 RCSA Tech Innovation Award

Sydney, Monday 18 June 2018: (HealthcareLink) is pleased to be the winner of The Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association Australia and New Zealand (RCSA) Industry Awards for the Tech Innovation of the Year Award 2018. This award was created to honour the organisation that uses the best combination of technologies in the most innovative way to solve a problem or offer a solution that benefits others.

HealthcareLink gives the healthcare and medical industry, particularly small to medium sized businesses, an opportunity to take advantage that technology in the 21st century affords and increase their efficiency in the sourcing and recruitment process. It has over 35,000 users, including 7,000 employers currently on the platform, and growing each month.

In the beginning, HealthcareLink started off by providing an online cloud-based recruitment platform open to businesses of all sizes in the healthcare and medical industry, with the aim to break through the inefficiencies inherent within the medical and healthcare sourcing and hiring process in Australia.

RCSA Industry Awards Night. Picture Julie Kiriacoudis

RCSA Industry Awards Night. Picture Julie Kiriacoudis

Since then, it has expanded into becoming a network for the industry, allowing:

  • Healthcare and medical professionals to connect to each other;

  • Practitioners to publish free articles and share their learnings with industry peers, while raising their profile; and

  • Professionals to find the best opportunities for continuing development and careers that suits their needs and goals.

Kopi Nadarajah, Founder and CEO of HealthcareLink, said “We’re very happy to be recipient of the Tech Innovation of the Year Award from the RCSA. The industry recognition means a lot to the team, who work very hard to help employers and practitioners alike”.

Of the recruitment function, Mr Nadarajah, said “Hiring the right person is essential to the workplace culture and the interview and final hiring requires a human decision.”

“Technology, however, can play a close partnership role to recruiters and hiring managers, helping to accelerate the process of attracting candidates and increasing the efficiency of shortlisting candidates”, Mr Nadarajah concluded.

Here is the thank you note at the event given by our CEO, Kopi Nadarajah.

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