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Georgia's Nursing Journey In Abu Dhabi, UAE

Georgia's Nursing Journey In Abu Dhabi, UAE

Over 4 months ago, our lovely nurse Georgia departed for Abu Dhabi, beginning her international nursing journey at the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Read about her experience thus far!

Can you give us a snapshot of your nursing career thus far?

Prior to working at the Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, I worked at North Shore Hospital in Auckland New Zealand, as a Theatre Nurse in General Surgery. I was registered and working 3 years before working abroad, however I applied and was accepted for the job prior to my 3 year anniversary. I now work at Cleveland Clinic an American based hospital in the Middle East, also in general surgery as a theatre nurse.

How did you find the process overall?

CCM made the process very smooth and easy! They take you through step by step and are always on call if you have any questions or concerns! Covid was the only thing making the process a little difficult as it delayed things, but that was out of our control.

Which country are you working in through CCM?

I currently work in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. I knew I wanted to work in the Middle East, as I knew the prospects of income, weather and travel were all much better! Dubai being so popular and commonly talked about I was initially looking there, it wasn’t till I saw more vacancy in Abu Dhabi that I started looking/exploring that avenue.

What is your favourite thing about your new home, thus far?

I have enjoyed adapting to the different lifestyle and way of living! Also, getting different exposure, and experiences in my work environment, and being able to travel to places that would take several days to get to from New Zealand!

What is your your lifestyle like in Abu Dhabi?

As I arrived in the summer and most days are averaging around 45-50 degrees, I spend a lot of my spare time in malls and at beach clubs/bars and by my pool in my apartment!

Is the nursing style different to what you’re used to?

Yes, between the Arabic culture and being an American run hospital, it is all very different and a lot to get used to! I see it as a great learning opportunity and a great way to build my CV.

Where's your favourite place to hang out in Abu Dhabi?

At the beach or by the pool in my apartment complex!

Are there any places you plan on visiting while in Abu Dhabi?

I would love to visit Oman, Jordan & Turkey, and these are all very close to Abu Dhabi!

What would be your top 3 travel tips for others travelling during Covid?

  1. Be organised and make sure you have all your travel documents printed and ready to go, but also be aware that policies and procedures around border crossings, and entry into countries can change in a matter of hours, try not to let this stress you out.
  2. Get good travel insurance that will cover you!
  3. It’s good to always be checking for updates and changes to your travel plans.

What general advice would you give to someone thinking of travelling to your chosen destination?

Do it!! You will regret it if you don’t! Don’t let the state of the world and the issues with corona scare you from pursing your dreams to work abroad!

Georgia has recently travelled to Greece, see images below. It's only a 4 hour flight away!

If you want to relocate to the Middle East, we have nursing jobs available! Click the links below to apply now:


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