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Leaders of General Practice Condemn Pharmacy Guild’s Steps for Pharmacy Prescribing

Leaders of General Practice Condemn Pharmacy Guild’s Steps for Pharmacy Prescribing

United General Practice Australia (UGPA) came with a decision in its recent meeting held in Canberra to lobby the Government to hinder the steps done by the Pharmacy Guild subverting the primary care quality in the country.

The agreement within the body was a response to the occurring measures imposed by the Guild on the pharmacists’ take over of the roles done by GP such as a prescription.

According to Dr. Tony Bartone, the incumbent AMA President and UGPA Chair, patient safety shouldn't be at risk by increasing profits. He added that the steps of the Pharmacy Guild should be halted because it gives way to pharmacists to fully control the work of doctors. Quality care need not be equated with access and this is also required even repeat prescription is issued.

The proposal of the Pharmacy Guild puts patient safety at risk because it does not comply with safety standards and guidelines. 

President of the Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA), Dr. Adam Coltzau expressed his disappointment with the Guild’s action in spreading fake information of the poor access to doctors in rural and remote areas. He pointed out that medical practice in rural areas provides appointments especially for urgent matters every day. He added that running a business in rural areas could be more difficult than that in the city and expanding the scope of pharmacists’ roles that would be harmful to the practice and to the patient.

According to Dr. Ewen McPhee, the incumbent President of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) the collaboration of GPs and pharmacists in providing care was the best and safest model of care. 

A collaborative model is a model, which involves each member, to do and practice their respective scope and this ensures the best patient outcomes.


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