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Meet Dr Captan Danger Beck (MBBS, BScHons), a GP Registrar complimenting his training with afterhours work with 13SICK N

Meet Dr Captan Danger Beck (MBBS, BScHons), a GP Registrar complimenting his training with afterhours work with 13SICK National Home Doctor Service

There is nothing like starting a family that puts things into perspective – especially your sense of financial security! In my first year of GP training and with a newborn on the way, working in the afterhours was all about supplementing my income! However, I soon realised that working in the afterhours was making me a better doctor.

Seeing a patient in their own home offers a very unique perspective of the patient (in the holistic sense of biological, psychological and social aspects) and not just how they present themselves to you in a clinic. You get a real sense of what is going to happen after you leave the patient, in the form of patient understanding what you have recommended and any physical, financial or social barriers to them accepting and acting on that treatment plan. I now bring this experience to my clinic work and try to formulate a picture of the holistic patient sitting in front of me.

Working in the afterhours has also given me a unique opportunity to learn. I personally find that afterhours consultations are not as time pressured, as might be the case in daytime clinic consultations so I am able to use each presentation as a case study with increased exposure to varied presentations and patients. This has enhanced my clinical experience and learning which is ideal as I train to become a GP.

Whist working at 13SICK National Home Doctor Service, I have been involved in an excellent education structure with regular peer group sessions and mentor meetings that are relevant to my training in General Practice. I have also have access to additional exam support to prepare me for FRACGP exams. 

Finally, flexibility has also been my major driver for choosing General Practice and afterhours. I have been able to flex my hours up and down to suit my training and exam commitments as well as making time to be there for my son and supporting my family.

Working in the afterhours as a GP Registrar offers me a unique opportunity to learn, earn supplementary income and be truly present in my son’s life.

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