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Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Are you looking for a role at the RACGP? Here are some insights and procedures for RACGP recruitment.


Usually, RACGP receives a large number of applications per job opening. This would require time to review and respond. It usually takes one to two weeks before responding to an applicant.

Interview selection

After reviewing a long list of prospective candidates, RACGP shortlists it to pinpoint the candidates with matching requirements. If an applicant failed, this does not mean that he or she does not qualify, it is just that other candidates possess the qualities that RACGP is looking for.


Typically, RACGP will arrange an interview through a phone call by a member of the Talent Acquisition team. This can be arranged as well through a video conference.

Ideally, the whole cycle may last for three to four weeks. However, RACGP aims to move things as soon as possible. If a candidate didn’t pass the stage, they will be asked for feedback about the process.

Reference checks

After the assessment and interview stage, RACGP will contact two current referees to check about your background and history.


Once done, RACGP will contact you to notify you about the good news and the subsequent procedures to do so. It is here where the discussion of your employment set up will happen.


After coming up with an agreement, RACGP will send a copy of the contract of employment and other onboarding documents. Once done, the employee will be ready to start.

RACGP Welcome

Commencing a career at the RACGP requires a thorough induction to acquaint the employee with the employment set up. This step will establish connections and relationships with the manager and other members of the unit. Through this induction process, the employee will learn pertinent knowledge about the ins and outs of the job.

Within the first month, the employee will be given the Passport Induction experience in which he/she will be introduced to an ambassador from each department in the organisation. This process will acquaint the employee with relevant information on how to deal and interact with them.


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