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The Entry of Advanced Scope Physiotherapy in Rheumatology

The Entry of Advanced Scope Physiotherapy in Rheumatology

Advanced scope physiotherapy established its mark in Australian health in the past 15 years. With this, health providers are positive in developing the discourse for its expansion to rheumatology.

Up to date, Eastern States pioneered its implementation, followed by Western Australia is emerging through launching and screening clinic. 

In this service, patients who are subjected to care are being provided by musculoskeletal physiotherapist expert in a more scalable approach. The assessment and diagnosis of the patients under the improved physiotherapist scope will directly figure the management plan needed. 

According to Jennifer Persaud, the clinical lead of WA Musculoskeletal Health Network in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital’s orthopaedic unit, the initiative directs to lessen waiting times of the patients, securing high patient satisfaction and improve health outcomes and at the same time giving benefits to the outpatient department’s waitlist with rheumatic disease. This initiative started when she and Professor Hans Nossent, the Head of the Department of Rheumatology and a member of the Network’s Executive Advisory Group, are having a talk.

The conversation focused on the various issues faced by rheumatology specialists in the practice. The two noticed that the existing model of care in Queensland benefits the patients and the providers. Persaud maximised her place as the leader of the network to coördinate with key stakeholders to carry out the model in WA.

The model of advanced practice physiotherapy is beneficial for both patients and providers. Amongst the benefits that it can give are less waiting time and securing proper care and treatment, which could lead to improved patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

Physiotherapists in this model can assess the patient, offer direct treatment, and coördinate with other clinicians for the holistic care approach. This could also be manifested through the right conservative care needed by the patient.

It is through such kinship that waiting time reduction falls under due to physiotherapists and other clinicians could secure the proper access in the delivery of care which is well received and supported by other medical and surgical colleagues of the two pioneers. Considering that it can give improvements for patients and can serve as an opportunity for advanced physiotherapists to deal with other medical and surgical patients and develop through learning with other professions.


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