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What do Physiotherapists Do?

What do Physiotherapists Do?

It is common knowledge to all that physiotherapists are working with elite athletes. Since physiotherapists are trained in injury prevention, they can deliver duties that will concern athletes. However, they are not limited to that. Here are other roles that physiotherapists can perform:

·   Emergency Department

·   Intensive care

·   Orthopaedic ward

Also, there are physiotherapy careers in the public health system and Australian Defence Force. Others prefer private practice.

Physiotherapists, generally, can play a role in rehabilitation such as helping an adult recover from an injury. They can also carry out programs that are specific to an individual such as urinary incontinence, hand injuries, and disabilities.

They can also help in managing arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions that are considered health priority in Australia. Physiotherapists ensure cost-saving measures by avoiding fragmented care.

Future trajectories for the physiotherapy field would be on diabetes educators as well as medication prescriptions covering areas of breathing and pain management. However, one should not fail to notice that it may take some years to unfold.

Since 2015, the Australian Physiotherapy Association has been forwarding the right of physiotherapists to prescribe medicines for patient’s benefit. Once approved by the Australian government, physiotherapists will be granted the right to prescribe and apply for board endorsement.

Furthermore, physiotherapists can work online. Physiotherapy services are available online and have been crucial during this period.

The Australian Physiotherapy Association released an outlook about how physiotherapy in Australia is set to grow until 2025.


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