Job descriptions are essential in helping you attract the most qualified and relevant candidates. With over 16,000 candidates on the HealthcareLink platform, it’s important to make sure your job description stands out.

Most often than not, salary is only one of many other considerations for a job seeker to apply for a job vacancy.

A compelling job description that paints a picture of your practice, the workplace, your community, with other benefits of the job can sway even the most indecisive of candidates.

Here are four tips to writing a compelling job description:

  1. Have a specific job title
    The job title is the first thing a candidate sees, and bases his or her decision to click on whether the opportunity seems a good fit. It’s important the job title (or headline of the job ad) is concise, accurate and descriptive of the vacancy available. Targeted job titles have shown to be more effective than general, all-encompassing ones.

  2. Write a strong job summary
    Your job summary should provide a clear overview of your organisation or medical practice and what you expect for the role. Hook the candidates with what makes your workplace unique. Remember to be specific about the location. Promoted job ads allow you to link your business profile to the ad, which allows the jobseeker to see any images of your clinic, staff and videos you have uploaded.

  3. Outline the core responsibilities and duties
    There are numerous medical and healthcare professions, so it’s important to be specific about the role on offer and the responsibilities and duties of that position. To make things easier, HealthcareLink has created sample job descriptions that you can tweak and tailor to create your own. See our Career Insights page for detailed job descriptions and summaries for various medical and healthcare professions.

  4. Include a list of qualifications and skills
    Education and previous job experiences are important factors to consider in a candidate. For most patient-facing roles, licences and registrations are a must. Increasingly, however, we are seeing the emphasis placed on softer skills, such as open communication and problem solving, as well as personality traits that you may visualise for the successful hire.



Need help writing a job description for a specific role? Use these great templates to get started today.