It’s a brand new year and you want to fresh, new start. You want to dust the cobwebs off the old CV or resume and look for the perfect job for you. But where do you start?

Here are 7 key actions you can take to help you attract the right employer:

  1. Update your CV or resume with current skills and experience.
    Don’t know where to start? Check out the Career Insights page for the role you want to apply for and use it as a model for the type of skills and experience a potential employer is looking for.

  2. Focus on quality over quantity
    Remember, two pages of key achievements and experience is better than eight pages of high school band and uni club memberships.

  3. Be consistent with the layout and format.
    The layout, spacing and structure of your CV should be consistent within each section. Resumes should be easy on the eye so avoid multiple fonts, mismatched formats and too many colours. Use bold for headings and job titles and use common, readable fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman. Want to know more? Read how to write a standout CV or resume here.

  4. Update your HealthcareLink profile and build your online brand.
    When you apply for job advertised on HealthcareLink, your online profile is linked to your application. A current profile can go a long way to showing your employer your genuine interest in the role.
  5. Offer current and willing referees.
    Make sure you have references included in your CV or at least have them available on request. It’s a good idea to contact them before you apply for a job, or at the start of the time when you apply for various roles, just so they can be prepared. You can let them know what kind of role you’re aiming for and the skills from your previous role that you’re highlighting.
  6. Use a professional image online, and spruce up your photos on Facebook and Instagram!
    Employers are increasingly looking up candidates online. While the jury is still out on whether social photos should be used as a background check for a professional role, beware that anything online is open fodder.
  7. Get up to date with your CPD courses, licences and registrations.
    Continuing education shows that you are serious about your careeer. List any publications, research papers or studies you may have written or contributed. 
    Your CV needs to show that you are an active and engaged healthcare professional, and most jobs in the medical and healthcare industry need a registration or licence to practice.


Happy polishing!
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