Are you feeling the need for change? Or has your residency permits changed recently, requiring you to make the move to a more rural location?

Perhaps you’ve always been thinking of making that move to somewhere a little quieter, where work and life is in equal balance.

Change can be scary though, not knowing what to expect. Visiting a place is one thing, but living and working in a new region or rural area is different. At HealthcareLink, we have helped thousands of doctors, nurses, medical professionals move to better jobs and lead more fulfilled lives. What are you missing out on by not taking this step?

We have produced location reports, that give you an insight into what it’s like to live and work in any given regional or rural area in Queensland.

Click here to access all the location reports for regional Queensland.

These are free reports, researched for the HealthcareLink jobseeker community to better understand the area they will be moving into, before you actually get there.

In helping match hundreds of candidates, we hear dozens of stories of doctors who have accepted jobs without even visiting the rural or regional township they will be spending two years or more of their lives. This can lead to misunderstanding, presumptions and misrepresentations, with you, the candidate, left stranded in a place that you hate, or worse, leaving a job with nothing to fall back on.

With our location reports, you get a quick snapshot of the area where the medical practice or hospital is located, what the community is like, the healthcare and social services environment in the region and what it might be like to live there, as a single person or with a family.

“I would like to specially thank HealthcareLink whose support consultant did a great job. I talked to 6-7 different people and practices while looking for a job, and your consultant was one of the best, who made me consider all aspects of the role and how I fit into it. I do appreciate your help and advice and will definitely come to you again the next time I’m ready to move.”
~ Female GP, moving from NSW to TAS

Use the links below to access each location report directly.

Regional Queensland
Bundaberg & Wide Bay Burnett
Cairns & Far North QLD
Gladstone & Central QLD
Hervey Bay & Fraser Coast
Mackay & Coalfields
Mt Isa and Western QLD
Rockhampton & Capricorn Coast
Somerset and Lockyer regions
Toowoomba and Darling Downs
Townsville and Northern QLD

If you are keen to make your move and find your ultimate lifestyle role in the next three months, drop us a line at and we can assess whether you will make a suitable on-demand candidate.