If you’re a GP doctor or practice nurse / nurse practitioner and you are looking to move to a regional or rural location for work, then you cannot go past regional Victoria (VIC).

When you’re thinking about changing jobs, particularly in general practice and the primary health sector, it’s important to look at the larger health network available that supports the community.

Regional Victoria (VIC) offers a diverse range of regional and rural communities where a GP or practice nurse can consider working. Regional Victoria’s health system has had significant state government investment in the form of a brand new $1.1 billion hospital in Bendigo that opened this year. A $200 million Regional Health Infrastructure Fund  was announced last year to fund projects in rural and regional hospitals.

Healthcare professionals in regional Victoria are supported by several primary health networks (PHNs). Support networks exist for various health care needs including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, diabetes,  lung diseases, mental health, immunisation, aged care, disability services and alcohol and other drugs.

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Maybe life is more than the job for you. You are experienced in your work and want a quieter lifestyle where family, community and time spent together on the weekend is sacred.

Then you will love the coastal living, mountain living and everything in between that is on offer in regional Victoria where the cost of living is cheaper and the pace of life is less hectic than the big city.

The state of Victoria spans 237,639 square kilometres. It is Australia’s most densely populated state, and the second-most populous state overall, with a population of around 6 million.

Outside the capital of Melbourne, the next largest cities are Geelong, Bendigo, and Ballarat – all with quite large populations of more than 100,000 people. These cities are thriving metropolitan areas in their own right offering the same cosmopolitan aspects of major cities with reduced commute times and lower property prices. This includes good schools, universities, cultural experiences, good food and wine, and top quality sporting facilities.

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