A recent article published by a number of news sites, including Canberra Times and SMH, highlights the NSW government’s readiness to invest $3.5 million for free flu vaccination in 2018. This is coming to forestall death of NSW children between six month and five-year-old children after the ugly flu claimed the lives of two children in 2017. The program is aimed at 400,000 children. Premier Gladys Berejiklian emphasized the danger of flu and its attendant events in attacked communities. She urged parents to present their wards for the free vaccine to be administered.

Available statistics show that over 12,000 vases of influence were observed in Australia in the year 2017, reaching the peak in August. Therefore the move by the NSW government to single-handedly fight flu is commendable. The health minister Brad Hazzard corroborated Premier Berejiklian’s stance on the dangers of Flu. He expressed his certainty that more families would take up the having seen the sad deaths caused by the disease in 2017. “Not only will this free flu jab help keep them safe during winter, but it will also protect their family and friends”, he said.

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Image source: Collective Evolution