In a Healthcare Job and Want to Move to Regional NSW?

Sometimes work can feel tough, perhaps even a little tedious. Maybe you want to gain some more balance in your life? Or it could be that your residency permits have changed recently, which means you need to move to a more rural location? If you are in one of these [...]

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Need a change from your healthcare job? Wish everyday was a holiday?

Are you feeling the need for change? Or has your residency permits changed recently, requiring you to make the move to a more rural location? Perhaps you’ve always been thinking of making that move to somewhere a little quieter, where work and life is in equal balance. Change can be [...]

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Getting the Medical Practice from Zero to Winning

~ How a GP solved his three-year long hunt ~ Dr Banny was stuck. The principal administrator at the Eduardstrete Medical Centre had been looking for nearly three years for a doctor to join the Kingaroy practice. Once a buzzing practice with three doctors, a nurse and practice manager, Dr [...]

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10 Surefire Tips to Write Your Cover Letter for Healthcare Jobs

First impressions count. When you’re applying for a new GP job, nursing job or other type of healthcare job, the cover letter (or email) accompanying your application is important. You want it to cut through the clutter of emails and other applicants. You might have a killer CV and brilliant [...]

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To Leave or To Stay in My Healthcare Job?

Should I stay or should I go? This is the question that everyone asks themselves at some point in their job and possibly many times in their career. This is no different to one in a healthcare job or medical career. But how do you decide? For some, it might [...]

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Dr Google and Dr Watson

This is a guest post from Think GP (Reed Medical Education) - With latest research showing that the majority of Australians seek medical advice from the internet, Dr Simon Cowap wonders if his job is on its way out. Can AI (artificial intelligence) take over doctors jobs?   Up until [...]

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Doctors and Medical Professionals Facing Robot Takeover?

~ Tips for navigating a disruptive future ~ A recent article in the Australian media publication, SmartCompany, discusses the "rise of machines" and five jobs that robots could take over first, before other professions. Doctors and medical professionals were included in the top 5 list, along with middle management office [...]

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Healthcare: Fostering a Workplace Culture of Love

For many of us, our first encounter with Healthcare, was probably in a gloomy ward while we suffered high fever or an injured knee. Needless to say, ‘Love’ was far removed from the equation, at least as far as our memory serves. Recently however, there has been a drastic change [...]

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Medical Centre Succeeds with Dedicated Doctors

Open team culture and dedicated doctors helps this medical centre rise to the top At HealthcareLink, we work with hundreds and hundreds of employers through the on-demand support program, placing general practice doctors and specialists in new workplaces. Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Dr Eshwar Madas, [...]

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Supporting children affected by epilepsy

This is a guest post via ThinkGP - news and education for health professionals.    Today, around 147,000 children and youth in Australia are living with epilepsy. Each year a further 7,000 will develop epilepsy. The incidence of epilepsy is high in young children. As the youth and adults of [...]

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How do healthcare and medical professionals pick up, keep calm and move on?

As a medical professional, you love the job, but like every job, it has its challenges. You work in teams, but likely to spend most of the day working on your own, dealing with patients one-on-one. Patients, inherently, are sick, injured or in some other way not quite whole, which [...]

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What is ‘EQ’ in healthcare?

How Emotional Intelligence Can Make You a Better Medical Professional Every single one of us has been to the doctor’s office for one reason or another throughout our lives - whether we visit our local clinic for an annual physical exam or book an urgent appointment when we are ill. [...]

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