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179549 - Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology: Module 1 Introduction to the skin

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Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology trains GPs to diagnose and manage common skin conditions (including skin cancer) and is open to all GPs and GP registrars.

Relevance to General Practice

Almost one in five general practice consultations across Australia in 2008-2009 addressed a skin problem so it is vital that primary care professionals are up-to-date in how to describe, diagnose and manage skin conditions . This activity provides an introduction to description, diagnosis and management of skin conditions in the 3.5 hour online activity.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the structure and function of normal skin
  • Define and identify types of primary, secondary and special lesions
  • Outline the most common skin diseases that occur in each body region
  • Discuss the basic principles of topical treatment
  • Appreciate the need to have systems in place that decreases the risk of inappropriate topical steroid prescription
  • Domains of General Practice

    D1. Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship

    D2. Applied professional knowledge and skills

    • Continuity of care promotes quality and safety

    D3. Population health and the context of general practice

    D4. Professional and ethical role

    D5. Organisational and legal dimensions

    Curriculum Contextual Units
    • Aboriginal and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander health
    • Rural health
    • Adult health
    • Care of older people
    • Children and young people health
    • Dermatology
    • General practice teaching
    179549 - Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology: Module 1 Introduction to the skin
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