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Facilitate the interests and rights of patients

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Interests and rights of patients / Patient Advocacy

Facilitate the interests and rights of patients

This course describes the skills and knowledge required to assist clients to identify their rights, voice their needs and concerns and realise their interests, rights and needs. This course applies to workers of all levels in a range of health or community services settings who provide services using a human rights based approach and have direct interaction with clients.


What will I learn?

Discuss the rights and responsibilities of all parties with client

  • Provide client with researched, relevant and timely information on their rights and responsibilities
  • Assist clients to identify their own interests, rights, needs, choices and responsibilities
  • Identify when rights are infringed or not being met
  • Provide client with information on available options for meeting their rights and needs and assist them to identify their preferred option
  • Undertake an assessment to identify client€™s ability to advocate for self
  • Initiate, negotiate and implement relevant strategies for addressing client rights and needs in collaboration with the client
  • Identify potential barriers as well as resources
  • Identify and contact the most appropriate individuals and/or organisations and represent the client to optimise outcomes for the client
  • Ensure information is kept in confidence unless authorisation is given to release it
  • Support and encourage clients to exercise their rights and personal preferences without compromising their safety and that of others
  • Consult with supervisor, other support workers and the service about interests, rights and needs of clients in a way that upholds their rights and supports their reasonable expectations
  • Identify situations of risk or potential risk and refer appropriately
  • Apply work practices to minimise potential for harm to clients, self and others
  • Conduct all activities in accordance with legal, organisation and duty of care requirements
  • Discuss organisation and legal complaints mechanism and ensure client is aware of rights and responsibilities
  • Assist client in lodging a complaint
  • Monitor process and provide ongoing support and information to client
  • Discuss progress and outcomes with the client and collaborate on further action as necessary
  • Ensure follow up and links to other services as required and in accordance with client preferences
  • Obtain feedback and identify opportunities for improvement to own work and action as appropriate

Facilitate the interests and rights of patients
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Education Provider
8 hours
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