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100587 - CPR certification

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To update skills in Basic CPR skills 

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Relevance to General Practice

Many deaths from heart disease occur outside the hospital setting and present as sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The reported survival rates for out-of-hospital SCA in Australia vary from 3% to 71%1-10 with the time to defibrillation shown to be a key factor in survival.Due to time delay, reliance on ambulance defibrillators is a poor option for cardiac arrest in general practice as the chance of survival is reduced by 7–10% each minute defibrillation is delayed.14,15 Resuscitation is possible and all general practices should be capable of providing this level of care. 

Australian Resucitation Council recommend individual update their CPR skills on a yearly basis, The RACGP QI&CPD program requires GP to complete Basic CPR training once per triennium.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the legal requirements of providing CPR including duty of care, consent and negligence issues
  • Perform Basic CPR over a 2 minute period
  • Identify and describe the management of an unconscious patient
  • Demonstrate and understand the need for prompt defibrillation.
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    100587 - CPR certification
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