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101377 - Neurology for General Practitioners

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This online modules aims to upskill general practitioners in the appropriate and relevant neurological disorders seen by general practitioners.

Relevance to General Practice

Those who complete the entire program should be able to: 
- Describe current updates in the management and treatment of patients in general practice 
- Apply knowledge of the most recent and pertinent developments in general practice to daily practice 
- Incorporate evidence-based guidelines for preventive medicine and standard of care to improve patient outcomes 

The follow topics are presented: 

Gait Disorders and Falls - Vincent M. Balestrino, MD 
Stroke - Maxim D. Hammer, MD 
Headaches - Robert G. Kaniecki, MD 
Dementia and Delirium - Oscar L. Lopez, MD 
Seizures - Donald B. Middleton, MD 
Neuropathy and Nerve Entrapment - J. Stephen Shymansky, MD 

Learning outcomes
  • Understanding the new clinical criteria of Dementia
  • Management of extracranial atherosclerosis
  • Understanding seizure/epilepsy in the elderly
  • Identify common abnormal gait patterns; Attack management principles for migraine
  • Treatment of Guillain Barre syndrome
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    101377 - Neurology for General Practitioners
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