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104253 - Menopause and HRT

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Update on current menopause management for those GPs who have attended the Women's and Children's Health Update 2017-2019

Relevance to General Practice

There is a great need for well-researched information about quality medical management of menopausal symptoms to be urgently available to women and General Practitioners. This subject has been given so much unscientific media attention. An entire industry based on “natural” alternatives to prescription medicine has developed in response; some of this is ineffective and some is considered dangerous. 

General Practitioners are perfectly positioned to explain the current research findings and novel options to patients. In fact, the great number of Australian women who might be interested in such information would ensure that it would be frankly prohibitive to refer them all to specialists for such advice.

Learning outcomes
  • identify patients who are menopausal and establish severity of symptoms
  • update and improve understanding of the various treatment modalities (eg HRT, lifestyle, non-HRT drugs) for menopause and how to tailor for individual patient
  • learn how to communicate with patients about common consumer concerns, misconceptions and questions regarding menopause and its evidence based management
  • evidence based monitoring of patients receiving HRT to reduce risk of adverse effects, cancer risk
  • evidence based examination of common barriers to using HRT
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    104253 - Menopause and HRT
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