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105864 - Statins: who, when and how - Clinical Audit

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This Clinical e-Audit helps GPs to review pharmacological management of lipids, with an emphasis on treating based on cardiovascular risk and optimising statin treatment to achieve individualised lipids targets.

Relevance to General Practice

We have come a long way with lipid management in Australian general practice. The latest news and evidence can further enhance and reinforce patient care including: 
* Who should be using lipid-modifying medicines 
* How to optimise statin therapy 
* What is true statin intolerance, particularly statin-associated muscle symptoms (SAMS) and how it can be assessed and managed 

Guidelines continue to reinforce a cardiovascular risk approach to prescribing lipid-modifying medicines. Despite this, there is evidence that decisions to start therapy are being based on individual risk factors, or inaccurate risk estimates – leading to under or over prescribing of statin therapy. 

An adequate trial of statin therapy before adding a second agent, including titrating to maximal tolerated dose and checking for adherence to medicines and lifestyle changes is recommended to optimise LDL-C lowering. 
A systematic approach is recommended in guidelines to assess and manage true SAMS.

Learning outcomes
  • Recognise the importance of managing lipid levels in the context of absolute CV risk
  • Describe when to add a second lipid-modifying medicine to statin treatment based on guidelines
  • Identify strategies to improve adherence to lipid-modifying treatment and ensure an adequate trial
  • Outline ways to optimise statin treatment to achieve lipid targets
  • Implement a systematic approach to manage, and assess adverse effects of statins
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    105864 - Statins: who, when and how - Clinical Audit
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