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107678 - Osteoporosis: Primary prevention of fracture Clinical Audit

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This audit is an optional activity for GPs who have attended the 2017 GP Update or have enrolled in the online version of this course. The audit is designed to help GPs systematically review aspects of their clinical management of at risk patients for osteoporosis. By completing this clinical audit, GPs will analyse current and suggested management and have a better understanding of applying latest information on appropriate treatment to their clinical care.

Relevance to General Practice

Osteoporosis is common in general practice. Approx 72% of women and 62% of men aged over 50y in Australia will have osteopaenia or osteoporosis by 2022. Defined as one of bone density (having a bone density 2.5 standard deviations below the average of a young adult). The identification and management of osteoporosis is about fracture prevention divided into primary prevention (reducing the risk of a first fragility fracture in susceptible patients) and secondary prevention (reducing the risk of further fragility fractures in those already sustained one or more) because approaches to screening and treatment are different. 
The RACGP has released new guidelines to inform screening and management of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and men aged over 50 years. They suggest that DEXA scans and Fracture Risk Assessment tools be used to determine risk of fracture and whether people with no history of fracture may benefit from treatment with anti-osteoporosis medication.

Learning outcomes
  • Develop a systematic approach to determining which patients may benefit from fracture risk and osteoporosis assessment.
  • Interpret DXA results.
  • Become familiar with calculators used to estimate absolute fracture risk.
  • To develop an appropriate management plan for patients at both high and low risk of fracture to reduce their risk of developing a fracture in the future.
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    107678 - Osteoporosis: Primary prevention of fracture Clinical Audit
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