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109252 - ECG Interpretation Workshop

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This workshop will be focusing on the basics of ECG, like ability to identify features of a 12 lead ECG, interpret rate, rhythm, axis, hypertrophy and ischemic changes. Chest pains are a common presentation to the emergency departments and GP practices, so the participants will be able to identify common arrhythmia and will be able to summarise these findings that accompany a wide range of clinical conditions.

Relevance to General Practice

The ability to perform and interpret an electrocardiogram (ECG) is an essential skill for the diagnosis and management of patients with cardiac complaints in primary care.Many general practitioners lack the specialised knowledge and confidence required to interpret ECGs with diagnostic accuracy. A retrospective analysis in Queensland from 2007 to 2009 found that the level of agreement between GPs and cardiologists in interpreting key ECG findings was only 59%. Perhaps even more alarming was that the level of concordance between the key findings on the interpretive function of the ECG machines used in the GP clinics and the cardiologists was only 44%. It is important for GPs to correctly identify ECG abnormalities in their daily clinical practice so that appropriate treatment and referral can be provided in a timely manner, and relying on the interpretive function of the ECG machines is not sufficient in identifying key findings for diagnosis. 

Learning outcomes
  • Identify the features of a normal 12 lead ECG.
  • Utilise a systematic approach to interpreting a 12 lead ECG.
  • Correctly recognise the ECG signs that accompany a range of clinical conditions like myocardial ischemia, infarction, BBB, syncope, etc.
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    109252 - ECG Interpretation Workshop
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