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109820 - Professional Certificate of General Dermatology

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This course is designed by dermatologists for GPs to help them diagnose and manage common skin, hair and nail conditions, learn about relevant investigations and management of all of the common skin conditions from acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis through to drug rashes, hair loss and common cosmetic complaints.

Relevance to General Practice

Dermatological conditions are common component of general practice workload with approx 15% of patient presentations being related to a dermatological complaint.This broad grouping of disorders (often informally referred to as ‘inflammatory’ skin disease) encompasses specific dermatoses, as well as cutaneous infections, drug reactions, secondary processes (eg ulceration), cutaneous effects of primary diseases in other organs, and cutaneous manifestations of systemic diseases. 
Dermatology training in medical schools in Australia is poor by international standards and extremely variable.3 Some medical graduates will have received no training in skin examination and skin cancer diagnosis. International medical graduates typically receive more dermatology training but may never have seen a skin cancer before coming to work in Australia. 
The ethnic diversity in Australia also means that GPs working in 
metropolitan inner city clinics may see few patients with skin cancer. 
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Learning outcomes
  • Develop a systematic approach to safe treatment of general dermatology patients in a clinical setting.
  • Apply a systematic approach to patient communication and assessment of dermatology cases beyond a doctor's skill set and recognise when to refer to specialists.
  • Assess and plan treatment for pruritus, psoriasis and acne.
  • Categorise, evaluate and make treatment decisions for: rosacea, blistering disorders, hair loss and skin infections.
  • Make professional judgements that demonstrate the application of general dermatology knowledge to patient presentations.
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    109820 - Professional Certificate of General Dermatology
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