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112229 - Paediatric Orthopaedics

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As medical practitioners hear over and over again in their medical training, children are not just little adults. The same mechanism of injury in an adult may create an entirely different pathology in a child. Knowing these differences is integral to being able to treat paediatric orthopaedic injuries accurately and efficiently to minimize the time taken out of activity. 

The Paediatric Orthopaedics course was developed to provide a better understanding of the broad topics related to the prevention, diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal related injuries in youth. The course will highlight developmental issues related to the growing child in regards to the epidemiology of MSK injuries and will focus on overuse injuries, nutrition, physical exam, diagnostic workup and prevention. The course focuses on a problem-based approach to Paediatric conditions, with each module including different diagnostic investigations and surgical approaches.

Relevance to General Practice

This course focuses on the bulk of paediatric orthopaedics in general practice. While investigative and management trends are constantly changing, the ability to keep up with these is not always possible at the primary care level for GPs. There is a clear need for continuing education in regards to these developments and their application in day to day practice, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of care we deliver.

Learning outcomes
  • Discuss the diagnosis and management of common pediatric and adolescent sports related injuries
  • Recognize the diagnosis and unique considerations in management of non-orthopaedic sports injuries
  • Describe the radiographic evaluation of the paediatric sports injuries
  • To develop ability in diagnosing paediatric orthopaedic conditions and in forming strategies for dealing with these pathologies
  • Establish treatment guidelines and algorithms for working with childhood athletes and their families
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    112229 - Paediatric Orthopaedics
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