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112919 - Advanced Workshop of Intrauterine Systems

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This workshop is a practical introduction to performing IUS insertions and removals. Learn a step by step guide to the procedure, patient counselling techniques, interactive case studies and the opportunity to practice on simulated models. Further clinical training is available for GPs who attend this course.

Relevance to General Practice

Barriers to prescribing IUCDs create challenges for women in accessing all available contraceptive options. Potential solutions to increase IUCD uptake might include local directories of GP inserters and targeted promotion of IUCD use. Increased GP training is necessary to expand the number of current GP inserters. 
http://www.racgp.org.au/afp/2017/may/gps%E2%80%99-perspectives-on-prescribing- intrauterine-contraceptive-devices/ 
Some 83% to 88% of women used the contraceptive device for at least 12 months. Obstetrician-gynecologists were the providers who most frequently inserted the devices. The frequency of ENG implants increased fivefold in the first 4 years of their availability compared with stable IUD insertion rates over the same period, a trend the authors say ‘highlight{s} the need to offer further education to both physicians and patients on the safety of prescribing modern IUDs to nulliparous women.’ 
Source: Long-Acting contraceptives safe and effective, yet underused.

Learning outcomes
  • Determine a system based approach to the steps in the process of intrauterine procedures
  • Recognise the safety rules to avoid complications in intrauterine procedures
  • Determine the necessary equipment for intrauterine procedures
  • Plan patient counselling to ensure patients are clear about their decision to have a intrauterine system inserted.
  • Analyse patient case scenarios.
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    112919 - Advanced Workshop of Intrauterine Systems
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