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116919 - Human and animal bites: managing and preventing infection

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This free online learning module includes 15 clinical questions and immediate feedback is provided. There is also an original peer reviewed article written for GPs on managing and preventing infection from human and animal bites.

Relevance to General Practice

- Half of all Australians will experience a significant animal bite at some time
in their life. 
- Urbanisation has brought humans in close proximity to our native species, and increasing travel abroad brings people into proximity with less-familiar species as well as emerging zoonoses. 
- Animal bites may lead to serious injury and transmission of infection; patients who are immunocompromised are at a higher risk of infection, as are people with more comorbidities. 
- Dogs are responsible for most mammalian bites, with almost 20% of these bites becoming infected, followed by cats, with up to 80% of cat bites 
becoming infected. 
- Human bites result in greater infection and complication rates than other animal bites and are typically polymicrobial.

Learning outcomes
  • Manage a patient with a dog bite
  • Manage a patient with a human bite injury
  • Manage a patient with cat scratch disease
  • Consult sources of reliable information about choice of empirical antibiotics
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    116919 - Human and animal bites: managing and preventing infection
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