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118753 - Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP)

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The aim of this program is to address the needs of general practitioners by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to recognise, manage or refer important paediatric problems. It will empower GPs to effectively communicate with children and their families, and provides information which ultimately helps children to have a healthy lifestyle. The Diploma in Child Health also caters to GPs who have an international medical graduate background. Taking part in this program of study helps give them an insight and experience to manage the Australian paediatric population.

Relevance to General Practice

General Practitioners (GPs) and community nurses are the primary contact for many families when problems arise in infancy. In 2015, the Australian Family Physician published that 82.9% of paediatric patients attended a general practice at least once in the year, with an average rate of 3.4 visits per year per population head in Australia. However, with a likely increase as the proportion of adult and elderly patients to children, it’s important that GPs are well prepared to recognise normal development at different ages to assess and to identify atypical developments. Early signs of illness can be far more difficult to diagnose in children than adults as children have a greater capacity for physiological compensation. 

Learning outcomes
  • GPs will recognise how health inequities impact on the care for children and, advocate for vulnerable paediatric patients.
  • GPs will have an enhanced and improved knowledge of up-to-date evidence-based best practice.
  • GPs will apply patient safety guidelines in their practice or hospital setting.
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    118753 - Sydney Child Health Program (SCHP)
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