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119187 - COPDevelopment: Optimising patient outcomes at every stage

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This clinical audit aims to support GPs to achieve the best long-term treatment outcomes for their COPD patients through use of appropriate non-pharmacologic interventions and the optimal use of maintenance treatment(s), as guided by regular assessment of patient symptoms and activity levels.

Relevance to General Practice

The optimal management of stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) includes early diagnosis, implementation of non-pharmacologic interventions, in particular regular physical activity, and optimal use of pharmacologic treatments at all stages of disease. In practice, there remain a number of areas where COPD management is not consistent with recommendations. Key among these are underuse of screening and diagnostic spirometry, low activity levels of many COPD patients and their low participation in pulmonary rehabilitation programs, and confusion around the appropriate use of new pharmacologic treatment options (and inhaler devices) for maintenance therapy, including when to escalate treatment. This activity will review guideline recommendations in these areas of COPD management, and encourage GPs to assess their practice and implement change, where appropriate, in order to promote optimal long-term treatment outcomes for their COPD patients.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify at-risk patients and diagnose COPD correctly with the use of spirometry
  • Discuss the benefits for patients of early implementation of non-pharmacologic interventions for COPD
  • Initiate appropriate guideline-based maintenance therapy at each stage of COPD
  • Identify COPD patients who would benefit from ICS use based on guideline recommendations
  • Implement a system for regularly assessing COPD patients’ symptoms, functional status and inhaler device technique
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    119187 - COPDevelopment: Optimising patient outcomes at every stage
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