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119413 - Effective pain management in general practice

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Effective pain management in general practice was developed for General Practitioners (GPs) due to noticeable upwards trends of patients presenting in primary care with pain. 

This ALM is comprised of six learning modules; each should take approximately 1 hour (in total six hours of structured learning). These activities are designed to help GPs incorporate current knowledge about the causes and management of pain into their practice. 


Relevance to General Practice

Pain is universal: almost everyone experiences pain at some stage in their life and many people experience chronic pain. As universal as pain is, it is also unique with each of us perceiving pain based on a complex interplay of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, previous experiences, lifestyles, cultural background and biology. This activity will allow GPs to extend their experience and skill in assessing and managing patients with pain. 


Learning outcomes
  • • execute the skills and behaviours required when performing a whole person approach to the assessment of chronic pain.
  • • detect possible contributing factors that would influence a patient's response to or experience of pain.
  • • distinguish between the various pain presentations and outline the neurological pathways involved.
  • • develop pain management plans with patients involving both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies, including the appropriate use of opioids.
  • • construct a diagnostic approach that screens for serious causes of pain and psychosocial risk factors.
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    119413 - Effective pain management in general practice
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