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120108 - Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis - Module 1 (of 6): The science and art of mind body healing

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Hypnosis- the science and art of mind body healing is first of the six active learning modules of the Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis for General Practitioners which is given in four consecutive 
days. This module demonstrates the basic concept of the principles and practice of clinical hypnosis as applicable in general practice setup.

Relevance to General Practice

A large percentage of general practice is psychosomatic medicine. GPs are the first contact for patients suffering from a multitude of issues from common domestic or work-related stress and anxiety to smoking, alcoholism, gambling, substance abuse to major psychotic illness like 
schizophrenia, bipolar, personality disorder and other mental issues. Ericksonian type of modern hypnosis which very delicately combines traditional psychotherapy with modern CBT is a very powerful and practical tool to handle mind body healing in the midst of any busy modern family 
practice. GPs will enjoy this powerful tool in their hands.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify psychosomatic – mental issues presenting to practice often camouflaged in physical symptoms.
  • Provide effective and immediate therapy in urgent mental health issues ie panic attacks, acute distress reaction, phobic and anxiety state
  • Manage most psychiatric and psychological issues with a better understanding of mind body medicine, pychoneuroimmunology
  • Gain a greater understanding of the connectedness of mind body healing
  • Access more theraputic tools of the range of treatment options available through hypnosis
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    120108 - Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis - Module 1 (of 6): The science and art of mind body healing
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