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120109 - Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis - Module 2 (of 6): Hypnosis in your Consulting Rooms

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Hypnosis in your consulting rooms is the second of the six active learning modules of the Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis for General Practitioners which is given in four consecutive days. This module demonstrates how to integrate clinical hypnosis with its various practical applications in a busy family practice. Your eyes do not see what your mind does not know is an old surgical axiom! But by learning the vast number of clinical presentations which can be easily helped by hypnosis , participants become more aware of the applications and usefulness of this wonderful tool which is soften unheard-of in a conventional general practice.

Relevance to General Practice

Even though a large percentage of general practice is psychosomatic medicine and GPs are the first contact for patients suffering from a multitude of issues from common domestic or work-related stress and anxiety to smoking, alcoholism, gambling, substance abuse to major psychotic illness like schizophrenia, bipolar, personality disorder and other mental issues , most GPs are unaware of the possibilities and often untrained in the applications of psychosomatic medicine in general practice. Hypnosis is a very powerful clinical tool in the hands of general practitioners but many of them do not have an opportunity in general medical training to acquire this very useful and powerful tool. This module offers this opportunity, by simply explaining the variety of cases that can be successfully treated with hypnosis day to day family practice.

Learning outcomes

  • Identify psychosomatic diseases as they present in general practice.
  • Clinically correlate the suitability of mind body/psychosomatic medicine in the form of hypnosis.
  • Acquire skills of rapport building, clarify patients’ concerns, misconceptions and fear of hypnosis.
  • Acquire a holistic or whole person concept in dealing with the ‘’sick ‘’patient.
  • Offer a list of conditions easily treatable with hypnosis and be in a position to be confidently offer an alternative to pharmaceutical therapy.
120109 - Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis - Module 2 (of 6): Hypnosis in your Consulting Rooms
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