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120120 - Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis - Module 4 (of 6): Meditation, NLP, and Quantum physics.

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Meditation, NLP, and Quantum physics is the fourth of the six active learning modules of the Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis for General Practitioners which is given in four consecutive days. This module offers practical skills in meditation and NLP and scientifically explains the process of hypnosis. Often there is a misconception about hypnosis and meditation and this module explains the scientific basis for clinical hypnosis in combination with many meditative techniques with a background of the concepts of the quantum physics. The metaphysical aspects of the disease process and the healing mechanism in meditation are often generally pushed to the realms of the mystic and the supernatural. A scientific understanding of meditation NLP and quantum physics clarifies facts and fallacies of mind body medicine and psychoneuro immunology.

Relevance to General Practice

The therapeutic benefits of meditation have been well researched and scientifically proven over the last few decades ie transcendental meditation of Magarishi Magesh Yogi popularised by the Beatles, Relaxation Response by Dr Benson and other countless researchers and scientists including our own cancer survivor Dr Ian Fawler and the general public readily accepts the value of meditation in stress management and healing and look up to their family practitioners for advice and guidance in this area. Hypnosis is a short cut to meditation and NLP and quantum physics explain the mechanics of the whole phenomena of mind body healing. As this module teaches practical skills as applied to common conditions encountered general practice, GPs will be able to offer a holistic approach to their discerning patients. In chemotherapy, oncology and palliative care meditation and hypnosis could be very valuable.

Learning outcomes
  • Learn the techniques of Anchor in brief therapy.
  • Acquire the skills of neurolinguistic programming to apply in performance enhancement and habit control
  • Understand the connection between trance states, brain waves, meditation and hypnosis
  • Apply meditation/hypnosis confidently in appropriate clinical conditions.
  • Understand the concept of quantum field and metaphysics
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    120120 - Intensive Course in Clinical Hypnosis - Module 4 (of 6): Meditation, NLP, and Quantum physics.
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