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121505 - The discharging ear. A good history tells the story

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This free online learning module includes 15 clinical questions and immediate feedback is provided. There is also an original peer reviewed article written for GPs

Relevance to General Practice

- The discharging ear is a common presentation in general practice. 
- It can represent a large variety of conditions that can occur in patients of any age group. 
- Taking a history is an essential part of the assessment of patients with ear pathology. 
- Common causes of purulent or mucoid discharge include otitis externa, a foreign body, a cholesteatoma or otitis media with perforation of the tympanic membrane. 
- Clear discharge is an uncommon form of otorrhoea in general practice. Usually the history indicates underlying aetiology. 
- Blood-stained discharge usually causes significant concern to the patient. It has a range of possible causes from more benign pathology such as acute otitis media to more serious concerns such as middle ear or ear canal tumours. 
- Fractures of the temporal bone and skull base often present with blood-stained otorrhoea or haemotympanum.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify and manage otitis media, otitis externa and clear otorrhoea
  • Manage barotrauma to the ear and a foreign body in a child’s ear
  • Perform aural toilet
  • Prescribe topical antibiotics to treat ear conditions
  • Recommend strategies to reduce the risk of ototoxicity
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    121505 - The discharging ear. A good history tells the story
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