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121590 - Optimising GPMPs & TCAs for Improved Health Outcomes (Online)

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The aim of this event is to provide General Practitioners, Nurses and practice staff (such as practice managers) with an opportunity to learn and review the correct use of GP Management Plans (GPMPs) & Team Care Arrangements (TCAs) in General Practice in order to effectively implement a multidiciplinary approach to chronic disease care in a way that is meaningful to patients.

Relevance to General Practice

The Australian Government’s Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Medicare Items, which include GPMPs and TCAs, were originally developed in order to enable GPs to plan and coordinate care for patients with chronic conditions. Despite the availability of these CDM Medicare items, providers continue to encounter a range of obstacles preventing successful implementation of the initiative at a practice level including: conflicting or changing Medicare information, the complexity of the process, lack of access to information on patient eligibility, wasted time through un-claimable items, fear of audits and demanding reporting and paperwork requirements. 
This ALM aims to provide a robust overview of GPMPs and TCAs, along with strategies for successful implementation of these tools at a practice level.

Learning outcomes
  • 1. Describe the correct use and Medicare audit requirements of GP Management Plans for chronic disease management in general practice.
  • 2. List effective strategies to support patients with evidence-based lifestyle modification education and advice.
  • 3. Describe common activities that can be implemented in practice to improve timely and appropriate referral and communication with Allied Health Providers.
  • 4. Identify key areas and available tools for practice system improvement to enhance chronic disease management using GPMPs & TCAs.
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    121590 - Optimising GPMPs & TCAs for Improved Health Outcomes (Online)
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