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122579 - Bedside Ultrasound Part 3 - Interactive Online Module

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The course explores two critical aspects of the RUSH Protocol for ultrasound assessment of the patient with shock: the application of ultrasound to examination of the IVC and to examination of the heart. The course describes how to use ultrasound to assess the circulatory fluid volume in a patient with shock to determine the need for fluid resuscitation or inotropes and introduces the cardiac views and ultrasound findings for identifying left ventricular dysfunction, pericardial tamponade and right ventricular dilatation due to pulmonary embolism. The course covers the following major topic areas: 
• RUSH Protocol : Assessment of the patient with shock 
• IVC examination and assessment of Circulatory Volume 
• Parasternal view and assessment of Left Ventricle Function 
• Subxiphoid view and assessment for Pericardial Tamponade 
• Apical and assessment of the Right Ventricle 

Relevance to General Practice

Use of bedside ultrasound as a clinical assessment and diagnostic tool is increasing rapidly and is widely available within Rural Emergency Departments. Many rural based practitioners will benefit from acquiring skills in its application. This allows rapid management decisions and initiation of life saving treatments in rural settings.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the role and procedure for the use of ultrasound in the patient with shock
  • Describe the relationship between the compents of the RUSH protocol and underlying pathophysiology for shock
  • Identify the windows (views) used in the RUSH Protocol using the Hi-MAP mneumonic
  • Explain the role of IVC examination in the assessment and management of circulatory shock.
  • Describe the ultrasound procedure and anatomy in examination of the IVC
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    122579 - Bedside Ultrasound Part 3 - Interactive Online Module
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