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124666 - Dementia and Driving Education Module

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To improve decision making of people with an early diagnosis of dementia by increasing knowledge and confidence of practitioners to support decisions on driving retirement in a shared decision making approach with the person with dementia and their family/carers.

Relevance to General Practice

The Dementia and Driving Decision Aid (DDDA) and the supporting Dementia and Driving online education module has been guided from: 

1. Master’s thesis project 

2. Identified need from Neurologist working in the local health service 

3. PhD research project which informed the theoretical and evidence based framework for the development of the DDDA 

4. Request from Catalyst Foundation, South Australia for an education module that supports practitioners in guiding and supporting individuals with dementia in their driving retirement decisions.

Learning outcomes
  • Improved understanding about the impact of dementia on driving
  • Understanding about how the dementia and driving decision aid (DDDA) booklet can be used in clinical practice
  • Explanation about the barriers and facilitators for supporting and guiding individuals living with dementia and family carers in driving retirement decisions
  • Understanding about the key issues relevant to driving retirement and dementia from the perspective of a range of stakeholders
  • Action plan for developing daily practice for driving retirement with ind. with dementia and family carers and ability to develop 1-2 driving retirement plans
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    124666 - Dementia and Driving Education Module
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