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125593 - How To Treat quiz: Fever in a child - Part 2: Complex presentations

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How to Treat quiz: Fever in children part 2: complex presentations

Relevance to General Practice

Fever in a child is usually self-limiting, and reflects the appropriate immune response to an infection. Occasionally a fever in a child may be harder to decipher and more difficult to manage. 
Although most childhood fever has an infectious aetiology, it may reflect other serious disease including malignancy, auto-immune disease, auto-inflammatory disease and immunodeficiency. Investigation and management of these cases require subspecialty input but relies heavily on GPs to recognise febrile children with atypical or concerning features. 

Learning outcomes
  • On completion of this education participants will be able to describe the different clinical presentations of fever in childhood.
  • The participant will be able to explain the clinical approach and management of a febrile neonate, in a child who has returned from travel and a limping child.
  • On completion of this activity, the participant will be able to identify those children with a fever who require urgent specialist referral and management.
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    125593 - How To Treat quiz: Fever in a child - Part 2: Complex presentations
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