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125604 - Cervical Screening- Plan, Do, Study, Act

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As part of the GP Education Project, Cancer Council WA has developed a PDSA activity to support GPs in identifying and encouraging eligible patients to participate in cervical screening through the National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP). The goal of the activity is to increase participation in NCSP of under screened and never screened women in your practice by engaging with women, increasing awareness of the NCSP and encouraging informed participation. Patients who are identified as under screened or never screened will be contacted by the GP/practice and encouraged to make an appointment to participate in cervical screening. Should a patient who has been identified to be under screened or never screened present to the practice for any reason, cervical screening will be offered at this time or an appointment made for screening.

Relevance to General Practice

Since the introduction of the NCSP in 1991, the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer have more than halved. Despite this significant impact, in 2014–2015, only 57 per cent of the target population participated in the NCSP at a two-yearly interval as recommended in the Pap smear based screening guidelines. GPs play a critical role in educating women on the benefits of participating in routine cervical screening. Due to the changes in cervical cancer screening, GPs need to know who is currently eligible to screen. In addition, implementation of key strategies in general practice, such as, GP endorsement, recall and reminder systems, auditing of patients eligible for screening, practice endorsement through display of brochures and opportunistic screening will ensure GPs continue to contribute to the success of the NCSP.

Learning outcomes
  • Analyse the practice’s current recall and reminder procedures/systems for cervical screening participation of eligible women who are under screened or never
  • Identify women who are under screened or never screened and therefore at risk for cervical cancer.
  • Develop and implement a recall and reminder system targeting women who are under screened or never screened.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the recall and reminder system developed as part of this activity.
  • Promote and contribute to the delivery of the NCSP.
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    125604 - Cervical Screening- Plan, Do, Study, Act
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