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125711 - AJGP Clinical Challenge April 2018: Access to primary care

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Discuss barriers to primary healthcare that patients face, and provide solutions for improving access to primary healthcare

Relevance to General Practice

Poor access to primary care can lead to increased prevalence and severity of multiple illnesses.1 This not only reduces quality of life and life expectancy, but also increases healthcare costs and use of emergency services.2,3 People who are disadvantaged or vulnerable, for example through homelessness, financial difficulties or mental health problems, face challenges and barriers to primary healthcare. Studies have shown that people in such situations tend to avoid primary care and, instead, rely on emergency services.4 This issue of AJGP includes articles that discuss barriers to primary healthcare, and offer innovative solutions, such as internet-based services for mental health, and street-based primary care, to improve access to primary healthcare. General practitioners need to be better aware of barriers to primary care, and have solutions, including the availability of healthcare resources that address access to primary care, in order to improve outcomes for patients.

Learning outcomes
  • Discuss low-intensity, evidence-based online resources that are available for integration into the care of patients with mental health conditions
  • Summarise the evolution of the concept ‘minimally disruptive medicine’ for patients with complex multimorbidity
  • Outline factors that should be considered in assessing the burden of treatment and a patient’s capacity to cope with this workload
  • Describe the role of shared decision-making and discussion aids in managing patients with multimorbidity
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    125711 - AJGP Clinical Challenge April 2018: Access to primary care
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