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126254 - FPS Training: Interpersonal Therapy in Practice

  • : Online

This 20-hour program aims to provide GPs & mental health professionals with an opportunity to learn practical skills in Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) to manage patients in their everyday practice.

Relevance to General Practice

IPT is a short-term therapy which focuses on the inter-relationship between the individual’s mental health and psycho-social difficulties or interpersonal events. 
With limited health care resources available, and a significant need for effective treatments for common mental health disorders, it is important that GPs possess the knowledge and skills to administer effective, time-limited psychotherapy, along with psycho-pharmacotherapy.

Learning outcomes

  • Select and use IPT when relevant to consumer issues/needs as outlined in the GPMHTP
  • Have increased knowledge and skills regarding the techniques and processes of IPT and the use of IPT in clinical practice
  • Use the practice's systems to identify local services and resources that safeguard consumer safety and assist in providing holistic mental healthcare to consume
  • Use appropriate MBS item numbers relating to the provision of mental healthcare
126254 - FPS Training: Interpersonal Therapy in Practice
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