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130799 - Pertussis: Prevention through vaccination

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A 30-minute online activity to highlight the importance of pertussis vaccination and revaccination in adults and special risk groups to minimise the impact and spread of the disease in the community.

Relevance to General Practice

Pertussis is the least well controlled vaccine-preventable disease in Australia. GPs can play an important role increasing vaccination rates, as a recommendation to vaccinate is highly associated with uptake. GPs routinely see people of all ages, so are ideally placed to discuss the need for adult revaccination to maintain immunity, to target people in special risk groups and to address any concerns around pertussis vaccination. Improving adult vaccination rates can help prevent infection, minimise severity of the disease and spread of the virus in the community.

Learning outcomes
  • Describe the properties of the pertussis vaccine.
  • Recall the current pertussis vaccine recommendations for all age groups and at-risk groups.
  • Address common misconceptions about vaccinations.
  • Implement practice-based strategies to improve pertussis vaccination coverage.
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    130799 - Pertussis: Prevention through vaccination
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