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130842 - Individualising Treatment for Your Patients with RA: A Joint Approach

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Relevance to General Practice

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic disease characterised by persistent joint synovial tissue inflammation.7 The typical patient with RA presents with insidious symptoms, with morning joint stiffness typically the first manifestation. Symmetrical polyarthritis associated with pain and swelling is characteristic of the disease. In Australia, most recent government reports indicate that approximately 2% of the population report living with this disease, which can be associated with substantial disability and economic loss. Given that a window of opportunity exists to initiate early therapy that can change the course of the disease, it is therefore important to diagnose and treat RA early. 
A management approach that involves a multidisciplinary team of health professionals should be encouraged and supported by GPs to optimise treatment of patients with RA.

Learning outcomes
  • Implement simple practical tools to assist GPs to monitor rheumatoid arthritis (RA) disease activity and common treatment side effects
  • Recognise the importance of individualised treatment for RA patients, including factors that may impact treatment targets
  • Recognise the importance of timely referral to rheumatologists
  • Increase GP confidence to engage and counsel their patients in their own treatment
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    130842 - Individualising Treatment for Your Patients with RA: A Joint Approach
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