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132676 - Medicare monitoring and the PSR

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A live webinar available to MIPS members. 
You are legally responsible for services billed to Medicare under your Medicare provider number or in your name. 
The Department of Health has sophisticated methods of detecting possible inappropriate practice or incorrect claims.These include: 
* monitoring and comparing the claim profiles and/or habits of healthcare professionals to identify inconsistencies 
* identifying unusual patterns of item usage and/or item combinations. 
As a practicing healthcare practitioner, you are responsible for all claims made regardless of who does the billing or receives the benefit. 
You will be responsible for repayment of the full amount of any incorrect Medicare benefit. Presented by Dr Peter Simpson GP with extensive experience in Australian country practice, part of the medical defence industry since 1997 and has been a MIPS Clinico-Legal Adviser for 13 years.

Relevance to General Practice

As all GPs and practices are involved in billing Medicare for MBS and PBS , this is highly relevant education. MIPS assists many GP members with investigations by Medicare under membership benefits

Learning outcomes
  • Identify the requirements of Medicare billing
  • Ilustrate ongoing Medicare monitoring and supervision of billing practices
  • Implement practice billing processes in according with the MBS and PBS
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    132676 - Medicare monitoring and the PSR
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