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133050 - COPD: a stepwise approach - Clinical Audit

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This Clinical e-Audit provides an opportunity for GPs to update their knowledge of the current evidence and best practice in the diagnosis and management of COPD. This includes reviewing their approach to using spirometry to diagnose COPD, recommending stepwise management of COPD tailored to the patient’s level of symptom control, identifying patient-specific factors that can influence choice of inhaler device, and checking inhaler technique and adherence. GPs are required to submit data and reflect on their practice for 7 patients with COPD. 

Relevance to General Practice

Australian research shows that symptom-based diagnosis of COPD in primary care is unreliable, with potential underuse or sub-optimal performing of spirometry in the area of diagnosis and/or assessment of COPD. 
Furthermore, with 9 new COPD medicines or combinations added to the PBS since November 2014, health professionals may be confused about medicines, treatment protocols and PBS listings. This increases the potential for unintended prescribing. 
90% of patients don’t use their devices correctly and are therefore not receiving optimal dose. Data also suggests that patients are both intentionally and unintentionally non-adherent to their COPD medicines. GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists may not regularly check and demonstrate inhaler technique or check adherence. 
This Clinical e-Audit will meet GP needs by reviewing their approach to the diagnosis and management of COPD. It will also provide tools and information that may be helpful.

Learning outcomes

  • Outline the role of spirometry testing and results in the diagnosis of COPD
  • Implement a stepwise approach to COPD management, both pharmacological and non-pharmacological
  • Select a COPD medicine and device based on patient-specific factors
  • Assess adherence to medicines and correct inhaler technique regularly
  • Demonstrate correct inhaler technique for new devices or patients with poor technique
133050 - COPD: a stepwise approach - Clinical Audit
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