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133219 - iHeartScan Workshop – Introduction to Echocardiography

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Echocardiography evaluation of the heart is a mainstream investigation which is frequently ordered by general practitioners to assist management of patients with known or suspected cardiovascular disease. Typically, Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) is performed by a cardiology laboratory with a formal report sent to the general practitioner some days later. Focused cardiac ultrasound is a basic examination of the heart using echocardiography, but importantly, it is an extension of the clinical evaluation which is performed in real time by the treating general practitioner. Integration of focused cardiac ultrasound with clinical evaluation improves the diagnostic accuracy considerably, such that few important structural or functional abnormalities of the heart would not be detected. This approach reduces the number of missed diagnoses, as well as facilitating earlier treatment changes when pathology is present. 

W: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/9dy6

Relevance to General Practice

With the introduction of smaller and portable ultrasound machines, it has now become possible for general practice and/ or GPs to afford ultrasound machines. The iHeartScan workshop will train you in the use and interpretation of transthoracic echocardiography. Participants will have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge (via online study) with hands-on practice (attending a two-day workshop). Each workshop is guided by experienced instructors and the ultrasound techniques are practiced on real human models.

Learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate competency in the ultrasound probe techniques required to obtain standard TTE views
  • Utilise the iHeartScan goal-focused examination to identify valvular and ventricular pathology and interpret ultrasound clinical case studies
  • Evaluate the haemodynamic state in a patient with suspected heart failure or hypotension, in order to guide appropriate management
  • Detect significant valve pathology based on colour flow Doppler
  • List the criteria for referrals of patients for a comprehensive echocardiography

    133219 - iHeartScan Workshop – Introduction to Echocardiography
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